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Petition to President Olusegun Obasanjo

Please Reject $1 billion IMF Offer

When Leaders Loot, their People die of Starvation & Disease

We are not asking too much - we are asking for a little compassion, patriotic spirit, a minimal utilization of common sense!

President Obasanjo: Please Reject $1 billion IMF Offer


August 16, 1999


To President Obasanjo

Concerned Nigerians

President Olusegun Obasanjo The President of the Fed. Rep. of Nigeria [c/o Nigerian Embassies in US (NY, DC), UK, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland]


Your Excellency,


Please Reject $1 billion IMF Offer


To say that concerned Nigerians were (and still are) in shock following the report [Reuters, July 22, 1999], that "a visiting International Monetary Fund delegation had offered a $1 billion cushioning facility for short-term economic help" to Nigeria is an understatement. So many Nigerians are visibly disappointed because our core problem is not necessarily lack of money; it is mostly misappropriation of public funds by some of our leaders. In fact, your promise to stop corruption in Nigeria demonstrates a general understanding of this core problem. Please permit us to briefly illustrate our points.


Misappropriation of Funds


In November, 1998, we learnt that "the family of Nigeria's late dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha has handed back to the government more than $750 million in state funds illegally amassed by the former leader," and that "others in Abacha's government also siphoned money from the state to amass personal fortunes." According to the then finance minister, Anthony Ani, "Abacha's national security adviser, Ismail Gwarzo, channeled about $1.3 billion worth of foreign reserves into private accounts." [JET, Nov. 1998; AP, Nov. 10, 1998].


In June, this year [1999], we also learnt that Your Excellency "fired 29 top officers from the military and seized hundreds of millions of dollars from associates of the late dictator Gen. Sani Abacha," and that a "new law published in a special government gazette authorized the immediate seizure of more than $420 million in a petroleum refinery, including $140 million held by Abacha's former national security adviser, Ibrahim Gwarzo." [AP, June 9, 1999].


This month, August, 1999, we received the following report: "Abubakar's government said that more than $1 billion of missing state funds and illegally acquired property had been recovered from the aides and family of the late dictator," and that "another $2.5 billion was siphoned over a deal involving debts owed Russian firms for work on a giant steel complex in central Nigeria." [Reuters, August 1, 1999].


As you know, these three examples of recoveries are just a drop of water in the ocean of public funds stolen from Nigerian people by some of their leaders who were supposed to take care of the people. As a matter of fact, there are several Abachas and Gwarzos still in Nigeria today, starving millions of Nigerians to death. Therefore, all that is needed is for Your Excellency to (a) ensure that all current and future funds are directed towards the upliftment of the long suffering people of Nigeria, and (b) continue recovering all the stolen/embezzled funds from our treasury, and have them INVESTED IN Nigeria. In fact, the news [Reuters, August 1, 1999] that "Nigeria has decided to file a suit against the family of late dictator Sani Abacha over state funds missing in a $2.5 billion debt buy-back deal," and that you "had taken an interest in a suit filed against Abacha's estate in a London court by a Swiss-based businessman, Nessim D. Goan, over the deal," is quite refreshing.


In addition to misappropriation of funds, let us consider its twin enemy, namely, illegally amassed millions of Nigerian funds in foreign countries.


Nigerian Funds in Foreign Banks


Your Excellency, there is concrete evidence pointing to the fact that illegally amassed millions of Nigerian funds are in private bank accounts in foreign countries. Just consider the following:

"Two prominent Nigerians arrested over an alleged deal to try to transfer $100 million from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to the United States." Daily Times, June 24, 1996 (as posted to Naijanet -- Nigerian Information Network, June 24, 1996).

This is shocking; but, Your Excellency, there is more:

"We at the Citibank had a large account deposited FROM NIGERIA (our emphasis). When the Nigerian government changed hands in a military coup, some of the new authorities came to claim the money of someone in the previous regime. They were NASTY THUGS (emphasis ours). We called the police, and the police did some checking. They came back to me the next day and said, ‘Mr. Dessauer, you don’t have to worry about these fellows anymore.’ We put them on a plane to Nigeria and told the Nigerian embassy if they ever tried this stunt again we would send all Nigerians home." [Statements by John Dessauer, the former top Citibank official (Swiss branch), as quoted in THE NIGERIAN, May, 1996, p. 3.]


Mr. President, how can one explain this behavior of such leaders who steal our funds only to deposit them in foreign banks owned by those who consider them "THUGS" while millions of their own people are dying of malnutrition and inadequate medical care. To us, the undersigned, this kind of behavior makes no sense. In fact, it is this kind of behavior that makes some people consider several countries in Africa "underdeveloped" because if their leaders are really "developed," they should not be robbing their own people only to pay outsiders/those who call them the "most corrupt thugs" in the world, as in this case:
"Nigeria is the most corrupt nation in the world," according to Transparency International [Houston Chronicle, July 28, 1996, p.2E].


It might be instructive, to add, at this juncture, a recent media report [July, 1999] that "N1.605 billion has been allocated to the elected members of the National Assembly, allegedly for the purpose of 'furnishing' their residential quarters." Your Excellency, this does not sound right to a nation that is ready to borrow money. If Nigeria really needs this $1 billion loan from the IMF, this kind of lavish spending is obviously not a good example of how to manage the country's meager resources.


Before conclusion, it must be emphasized, Your Excellency, that Swiss leaders, American leaders, Japanese leaders, Canadian leaders, German leaders, French leaders, and the leaders of other progressive countries DO NOT have [illegal] bank accounts in Nigeria; they do not have mansions in Nigeria. But so many Nigerian leaders/elite not only have huge bank accounts, and mansions in those countries, but are proud to have them. Why is this the case? As Your Excellency reflects upon this question, we are pleading with you and your administration to borrow this basic principle that charity begins at home from the leaders of the progressive countries where most of our leaders/elite shamelessly run for medical check-up (when they have enough money to build such caliber of hospitals at home).




Mr. President, we DO NOT need the loan from the IMF. What we need in our government are MEN AND WOMEN OF GOOD MORALS and CONSCIENCE to (a) help you stop corruption as you promised, (b) recover the stolen funds from the rogues disguised as leaders/elite, and (c) invest them wisely, properly and equitably IN NIGERIA.


For your administration to excel, our present leaders/elite must start investing Nigerian resources in Nigeria. In deed, encouraging Nigerians to invest their resources in Nigeria is a key to economic recovery for the country. This, in addition to staying with the course you have embarked on which includes, stamping out corruption, recovering the loots from the rouges, and pleading for patriotism in all Nigerians at home and abroad will go a long way in assuring the success of your administration.


May God bless Nigeria and be with you in your efforts to change Nigeria for better.


Yours Faithfully,


Concerned Compatriots:

1) Bedford Nwabueze Umez, Ph.D., USA
2) Eze, Mercy
3) Charles Amako, USA
4) Smart Madu Ajaja, USA
5) Rotimi Ogunsuyi
6) Ovo I. Dafe
7) Esther Garber, Canada
8) Hyginus Chukwu, Ph. D., USA
9) Kene Okezie Ufondu, UK
11)Sunny Azubuike
12)Steven S. Kueberuwa
13)Ganiyu Jaiyeola, Ph. D., USA
14) Ignatius Okafor
15) Paul Olatoye
16)Ebube Odunukwe, MD., Maryland, USA
17)Oladehinde Idowu, Germany
18) Elias O. Udechime, USA 
19)Christiana Orjiako
20)Hycenth Nwokedi
21)'Wale Adewumi, FL USA
22)Abdulkareem B. Adinoyi, Saudi Arabia
23)Emman Olufemi Keku, MD, MSPH; USA
24)Leke Adeofe
25)Oluwole Alle
26)Dr. Balogun Fatai Akintunde
27)Olusegun A. Ojewuyi, USA
28)Ayotunde M. Giwa , New York, USA
29)chuck Obidimma USA
30)AG Ahmed, MB, Canada
31)Kunle Adegboye
32)Emeka C. Obi JD (USA)
33)Mukhtar Dan'Iyan, UK
34)Eric Umeh, Dallas, USA
35)Bitrus Paul Gwamna
36)Dr. David Adewuyi, USA
37)Forster Obianagu
38)Prince Olabode Ajose
39)Sir Prince R.O.Okeke-Anyichie,M.B.A(Omenyi) USA
40)Samuel Owolabi, USA
41)Noble Chima , USA
42)Uzoma Onyemaechi, USA
43)Abi Olowe, Ph.D., USA
44) Chioma Achugbu, Nigeria
45)Surajudeen Adewusi, KSA
46)Basil N. I. Mbah, Houston, USA
47)Godwin Nwoke
48)Atty. Tola Oresusi, Houston, U.S.A.
49)Ona Ositadinma, Belgium
50)Osoteku Segun, Nigeria
51)Virtus C. Igbokwe, Canada
52)Taofiq Abiola, Saudi-Arabia
53)Wale Adewoyin, NY USA
54)Johnson Obi
55)Nnamdi Oziri
56)Preye Okosi
57)Balarabe Yushau, Saudi Arabia
58)George Mbata
59)Ikechukwuka Oguocha, Canada
60)Obaje, O. J., Malaysia
61)Harrison Enemuo
62)Kingsley O. Ugwu, USA
63)Rotimi Mebude, Ph.D, Edinburgh, UK
64)Shaibu Bala Garba S/Arabia
65)Oyejola Isiba, USA
66)Paul D. Ocheje, Ph.D.,Toronto, Canada
67)Obiajulu Odu, Norway
68)Olubunmi Usim-Wilson U.S. A
69)Edwin Okonkwo
70)Emeka Okafor
71)Anny Ojekwe
72)Mrs Patricia Nsoedo
73)Sopuruchi Okeke Ewo. USA
74)Emeka Okeke Ewo. USA
75)Chinaye Okeke Ewo. UK
76)Emopin Ayenuro-Lawrence
77) Cecelia Ilo, Nigeria
78)A. Robert Mbama, USA
79)Ifeanyi Rich Chime
80)Nnamdi Onyekwere, Baltimore, USA
81)Clement I. Anekwe, Ph. D, CT., USA
82)Charles Okoye, Chicago, USA
83)Nick Aniagu, USA
84)Chief Olumide Mayungbe
85)Victor I. Okafor, PhD., USA
86)George Umeh
87)Adigun A.E. Ajayi. P.hD.
88)Osimua Aleobua, Republic of South Africa
89)Gbenga Babalola, USA
90)Timothy Alapo, Ph.D.
91)Kenneth Nweke, LA, USA
92)Godson C. Nwokogu, Ph.D., VA, USA
93)George Chima, USA
94)Emeka C. Okafor, USA
95)Godwin Nwadiashi, USA
96)Akon Ate, B.S., M.P.H., USA
97)kemo Anyaegbuna Dallas, Texas, USA
98)Vincent Ehiaghe, PRETORIA SA
99)AG Ahmed, MB, Canada
100)Dr. Richard Nwachukwu
101)Mark A. Okoronkwo, Damascus, Syria
102)Agbelogode E. Napoleon
103)Engr. Anthony Ehi Osagie
104)Akin Awofolaju,PhD.,Moscow-Russia
105)Atty. James O. Okorafor, Houston, USA
106)Solomon Nkwocha, Project Elec. Engr., USA
107)Adeyanju, Charles, Canada
108)Basil Ubanwa, Ph.D. USA
109)Chris Ogbuehi, CPA., USA
110)Edmond Umeh, Dallas, USA
111)Placidus Amama,Yokohama Nat'l Univ., Japan
112)Linus Eneh, Dallas, USA
113)Olukayode OJO
114)Imeh Inyang, Canada
115)Dr Francis Akenami, Helsinki, Finland
116)Florence Nwankwo, Belgium
117)Olatunde Olusesi, USA
118)Babalola Olalekan, Washington, DC
119)Larry Musa, USA
120)Achi Eric Egwuibe, ACA, Nigeria
121)Ebenezer O. Mayaki, Naqoura, Lebanon
122)Ambrose Ezemma, NY
123)Mary Ibiam
124)Tosin Famurewa, CA USA
125)Abiodun Olusesi, North Carolina, USA
126)Kenechukwu U. Obikwelu
127)Adebowale Matthew Ajose
128)Damien Ejigiri, Ph.D., Baton Rouge, USA
129)Engr. Simon C. M. Iberosi, USA
130)Michael 'Sanya Arigbede, California, USA
131)Acho Orabuchi, Ph.D., USA
132)Adekunle Ogunniyi (LAFRO), Boston, USA
133)Olubusola Ogunniyi, Boston,USA
134)Olayiwola Ogunnmokun, Providence, USA
135)Jay O. Oji, MAI, Dallas, USA
136)Bernard .B. Ugwu, Houston, U.S.A.
137)Emmanuel A. Oduah Ph.D. USA
138)Michael Adabanya, ACA, Nigeria
139)Osedum P. Igumbor, Zimbabwe
140)Olusola Ogunkoya, Nigeria
141)Richard Njiaka, Nigeria
142)Mukaila Obelawo Ph.D, Atlanta USA
143)Taofiki Omitogun, Boston, USA
144)Victor Durowoju, Providence, USA
145)Dr. Joeakeem Adigun, Boston, USA
146)Olaniyi Durowoju, Boston, USA
147)Lola Aderinto, Boston, USA
148)Sanya Ogunmokun, Madrid, Spain
149)Prince Segun Omolade, Toronto, Canada
150)Foluso Adebayo, Boston, USA
151)Abiodun Olaogun, Boston, USA
152)Omotayo Ogunlesi, Boston, USA
153)Moji Owoseni, Boston, USA
154)Yakubu Arowokoko, Rhode Island, USA
155)Adekunle Ogunniyi, Jr., Boston, USA
156)Yetunde Ogunniyi, Boston, USA
157)Pa. Alao Ogunniyi, Abeokuta, Nigeria
158)John Gbemisola, Rhode, Island, USA
159)Omolara Ogunleye, London, UK
160)Tunji Durowoju, Providence, USA
161)Tunde Akinwunmi, Providence, USA
162)Kemnagum Ken Okorie, JD, Houston, USA
163)Olumide Olatoye, Toronto Canada
164)Wole T. Olatoye, Ohio USA
165)Emmanuel Ndame
166)George Egbuniwe, USA
167)Joseph O. Udeaja, Pharm. D.
168)Chidi Nwachukwu, Ph.D., USA
169)Benneth E. Okpala, AICP, Houston, USA
170)Peter Ogbeide
171)Henry Opara USA
172)Franklin Nwagbara, Baton Rouge, USA
173)Shehu Othman, UK
174)Tijani Jimoh, Saudia Arabia
175)Yunsa Umar, Saudia Arabia
176)Robert Njoku, Texas, USA
177)Obemiasor Olusegun Abebe, USA
178)Omoh Tsatsaku Ojior, USA
179)K. Francis George, USA
180)Alfred Iringere, USA
181)Ngozi Nwachukwu, USA
182)Salisu A. Abdullah, West Haven CT., USA
183)Tomi Aiyegbusi
184)Yomi Awoyinfa, Chicago, USA 
185)Dr. Mike Obiora, USA
186)Mr. Austin Anyanwu, USA
187)D. Ben JohnBull, Chicago, USA
188)Percy Taiwo Odogun, N.J., USA
189)Olagoke Oludare K.
190)Biodun Ogundipe, Lagos Nigeria
191)Percy Fams, Massachusetts USA
192)Mohammed, Aliyu Shazali (KSA)
193)Mr. Ebenezer Akinlade
194)Amara Chibundu, Nigeria
195)Dr. Greg Okoro, Atlanta, GA
196)Khinde Abiodun, London, UK
197)Taiwo Sunmonu, London, UK
198)Emmanuel Daramola, NY, USA
199)Bayo Ogunleye, London, UK
200)Bamigbade Nojeem, Abeokuta Nigeria
201)Kehinde Oluwasanmi, Nigeria
202)Prince Sola Omolade, UK
203)Prince Olusoji Omolade, Gabon
204)Dada Toyinbo, London
205)Gbenga Bayode, London
206)Gbenga Oludele, London 
207)Olusesi Edun, Lagos, Nigeria
208)Akinropo Obisesan, London
209)Dr Deji Morenikeji, Lagos Nigeria
210)Olajide Morenikeji, Nigeria
211)Dejo Morenikeji, Nigeria
212)Muyinwa Olaore, Isreal
213)Odun Alagbagba, South Africa
214)Ilori Aboaba, Nigeria
215)Ajasa Aboaba, Maryland, USA
216)Dr Adisa Odekeye Maryland, USA
217)Dr Taiwo, Sogunle, Lagos, Nigeria
218)Kehinde Sogunle, Lagos, Nigeria
219)Alh Dan Suleman, Saudi Arabia
220)Agboke Oluwaseun, Baltimore, U.S.A
221)Enoch Johnbull,Austin, Texas, USA
222)Emmanuel Birdling, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
223)Olayemi Ogunjobi,Worcester, U.S.A.
224)Mojisola Ogunjobi,Worcester, U.S.A
225)Damola Ogunjobi,Worcester, U.S.A
226)Lola Ogunjobi,Worcester, U.SA
227)Timileyin Ogunjobi,Worcester, U.S.A
228)Comfort Okeke Ewo. Nigeria
229)Sorochi Okeke Ewo. USA
230)Nsude Okeke Ewo. USA
231)Ugwu Okeke Ewo. USA
232)Ani Okeke Ewo. USA
233)Uzo Okeke Ewo. USA
234)Kaobi Okeke Ewo. USA
235)Ugo Anakwenze, USA
236)Lawrence Ekeh, USA
237)Davis Ezumah, USA
238)Azimeh Arigu, Ph.D., Canada
239)Samuel Nwigwe, USA
240)Evelyn Nwigwe, USA
241)Uchenna C. Ilo, Nigeria
242)Jude A. Akubuilo, Ph.D., Los Angeles, USA
243)Ralph M. Obijior, Houston, USA
244)Atty. Emenike Ibe, Houston, USA
245)Benjamin Imhonde 
246)Chinkata Okpara

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