Muhammadu Buhari Has A Say On Obasanjo's Letter To Jonathan




The Obasanjo letter did not come as any surprise to us. No right thinking Nigerian will choose to ignore the apalling descent to anarchy that Nigeria is experiencing under this government.


The good people of this country are equally oppressed by the PDP regimes of both Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan. Therefore, while we have the right to demand accountability for the pertinent issues raised in the said letter, we also have the moral responsibility to question the sincerity of the messenger, and to condemn and reject the duo (Obasanjo and Jonathan) for their crimes against the good people of this country.


The destiny of Nigeria is the destiny of 170 million of us. No single individual, no single tribe, religion, political party or region can usurp this destiny for its selfish whim. Our strength and unity is national, not regional. There are attempts by the PDP to undermine this hard-earned national unity, we must guard against such manipulations with utmost vigilance.






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  • Comment by Bennedict Okoro

    "Umez has captured the ultimate predicament of blackman."

  • Comment by Smart Madu Ajaja

    "An awesome breakdown of the problem with Africa, especially with its struggling and disappointing giant, Nigeria from where I come. The solution prescribed provides the most ambitious road-map to the African Renaissance and therefore, a call for action for us all."

  • Comments by Vert Masta

    "Beautifully said, just like Dr Umar Abdulah johnson would put it. Its time for my people (Black Moorish people) to support each other with group economics. This would make Dr Claude Anderson very proud".

  • Comments by Mike Chard

    " That being said, I think more people should take pride in their homeland and try and work together to create something better, no matter who they are or where they're from, improvement can always be made, but it takes unity and determination to achieve. So I hope your words and efforts make an impact to help others realize their true potential and strive to achieve it."

  • Comments by Supa Manley

    "This is what I have been talking about . Its a wonderful pieces of creative profile . Our children need to hear more of this. Thanks so pro Umezh . Can you please be part of this years Nigerian independent."