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Umez Foundation (UF)

Addressing Nigerian African Issues Head-on

Leadership is action, not a position
UF - Dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Nwaoku Umez, whose leadership quality, and a life of fairness for ALL direct my Life. Mama, RIP

Welcome to Umez Foundation - the place devoted to finding common-sense solutions to Nigeria's acute and chronic problems. Your visit clearly demonstrates that you are deeply troubled by the state of affairs in Nigeria. I start with what I consider an ideology of mass destruction (IMD) that has been destroying an oil-rich Nigeria (the former "Giant of Africa") and its people for over 30 years now and the solutions to end it.

I thank you in advance for reading the entire IMD analysis with some patience, an open mind and the urgency it deserves

Ideology of Mass Destruction - A Prelude

IMD is the WORST enemy of Nigeria! It is a home-grown ideology of genocide by starvation and generational destruction. Its mission is death by starvation and abandonment, and its vision is to exterminate a people. Because of this ideology, far more than $436 billion (i.e., a 15-year federal budget of Nigeria) is in the private foreign bank accounts of some ruthless Nigerian leaders and their cronies growing greener pastures in those countries while Nigerians are dying daily for lack of green pastures.

While the ideologues, the protagonists of IMD, those who benefit from the brutality of IMD and uninitiated continue to scapegoat at any chance they get, Nigerians should stop looking elsewhere, and face their worst enemy squarely. Below is a detailed factual report of this murderous ideology, its destruction of mammoth proportions, and some solutions to end it. Kindly read with an open mind and share.

Leadership is action, not a position

Dedication: Mama, This is for You!

Mama, I lost half of me on May 17, 2018 - the fateful day you departed. My town, Akpugoeze, will long remember your prudent leaderhip as well as your good nature. Your hard work ethic, your perceptiveness, your sharp wit, courage, and caring nature were community property. As my hero, my role model, and a mentor, your departure continues to hurt me to this day. But my succor is your weighty legacy of utilitarian lifestyle, humanitarian spirit, uprightness, wisdom, and the boldness to condemn evil in order to vindicate justice. Mama, I dedicate this Foundation to you. Your loving son, Bedford Umez

To President Obasanjo: A Petition for Akanu Ibiam International Airport (later submitted to Presidents Yaradua  and Jonathan) by Umez

A petition to President Olusegun Obasanjo to upgrade Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu - given that South-East Nigeria was the only major geographical zone in Nigeria without an international airport......

A Thank-you note to President Yaradua on Akanu Ibiam International Airport by Umez

This was a letter of gratitude to President Yaradua for his commitment to upgrade Akanu Ibiam Airport to the status of an int'l airport.

Senator Ekweremadu thanked Umez for the Petition resubmitted to President Jonathan

Here is a thank-you note from Senator Ike Ekweremadu to Umez on the Petition resumbission.

Success of Akanu Ibiam International Airpot and A Special Thank-you Note to Umez

"Congratulations To Professor Bedford Nwabueze Umez for a successful leadership for Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu, Nigeria!.....

Miracle of Mrs. Maria Igwilo

How Umez met Mrs. Maria Igwilo, and how her journey to recovery was a huge success. 

If leaders lead well, followers will follow well.

A Feeling of Inferiority is a Disease - worse than Kwashiorkor!

Stop self-hatred. Stop self-destruction. Love your fellow Citizen! 
Liberating the African Mind

Short Youtube Video clips on Self-Empowerment:   1 - 6 minutes in length:

"Nigerians hate themselves and love foreigners" (6 Min. 4 Sec.)

A feeling of Inferiority is a dangerous disease

What is really "African Time"? (I Min. 3 Sec.)

It is selective punctuality rooted in the feeling of Inferiority

Are all animals created equal? (I Min. 23 Sec.)

Let us go into regligion and find out

Real Solution to destructive Leadership Style (I Min. 50 Sec.)

A Liberated African mind is the Solution

Empowerment of Nigerians through the Logic of Collective Action

When Leaders Loot, their People die of Starvation & Disease

We are not asking too much - we are asking for a little compassion, patriotic spirit, a minimal utilization of common sense!

Looting is genocide by starvation - an issue I explored in one of my books, Nigeria: Real Problems, Real Solutions (1999), and continue to hammer in all my subsequent writings. Robbing Nigerians of their oil money by some Nigerian leaders ONLY to hide the loot in some foreign country is the ROOT cause of the economic crises and the rising death toll in Nigeria for the past 30 years. Looters are ruthless and unpatriotic.

Accordingly, we continue to appeal to the looters to act in obedience to their oath of office by investing Nigerian oil money in Nigeria. That is the ONLY proper thing to do. It is SENSELESS and SHAMEFUL to rob your own people only to further develop Switzerland and her cohorts who consider you worthless human beings. Please stop the senseless loot. Stop starving your own people. Stop the shame. Be a leader! ....Umez

Your Excellency: A Letter to Nigerian Leaders

By Prof. Bedford Umez

To read the book online, click here; to order the book, click here.

We must not Sleep! To look elsewhere at the sight of wrong is deadly.
 Indeed, "The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."  -- Steven Biko

Petition to President Johnathan: Cut the Outrageous Pay of Nigerian Legislators

"On the 15th of March, 2014, 'twenty-three Nigerian job seekers who left their homes to sit for the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment examination did not return home alive.' 60,000 of them scrambled for an examination that will only create about 4,000 jobs.......

Response: Nigerian Legislators Cut their Pay 25%. March 15, 2015 

"While the cut is not enough, we must never keep quiet at the site of pure “lootocracy” and elected dictatorship. The bottom line is that we, the people of Nigeria, must know that the surest way to create and maintain a bad leader is for the people – the governed - to keep quiet at the site of bad leadership.........

Petition to President Obasanjo: Turn Down IMF Loan

To say that concerned Nigerians were (and still are) in shock following the report [Reuters, July 22, 1999], that "a visiting International Monetary Fund delegation had offered a $1 billion cushioning facility for short-term economic help" to Nigeria is an understatement......

 President Obasanjo's response to the Petition on IMF Loan

"I write on behalf of the President, Commander-in-Chief to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 16 August 1999 which you and other co-signatories routed through our Mission in Saudi Arabia adn to inform you that due note has been take of the content." .......

Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu

The Petition, Letters, Success

Petition to President Obasanjo (later submitted to Presidents Yaradua & Johnathan): Upgrade Akanu Ibiam Airport 

A petition to President Olusegun Obasanjo to upgrade Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu given that South-East Nigeria was the only major geographical zone in Nigeria without an international airport......

Thank-You-Letter to President Yaradua for the commitment to "upgrade Akanu Ibiam International Airportt"

The same Petition (first sent to President Obasanjo) was submitted to President Yaradua. This was a letter of gratitude to President Yaradua for his commitment to upgrade Akanu Ibiam Airport to the status of an int'l airport.

Akanu Ibiam Int'l Airport: Success & Comments from Senator Ike Ekweremadu

Akanu Ibiam Airport Petition (first sent to President Obasanjo, later sent to President Yaradua) was submitted to President Jonathan at the request of Senator Udeh and Ekweremadu. .

Senator Ike Ekweremadu thanked the Author of the Petition, Prof. Umez

Senator Ike Ekweremadu thanked the Author of the Akanu Ibiam Enugu Airport Petition, Prof. Umez..

"Iconic Milestone of Akanu ibiam international Airport" by Mazi Ogbonna

"Congratulations To Professor Bedford Nwabueze Umez for a successful leadership for Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu, Nigeria!" - Mazi Ogbonna..

Prof. Umez thanked the Petitioners

Umez thanked the Petitioners who realized the logic of collective action..

Petition Against European Airlines

Plus Letters to Senator Cruz and Judge Milian

Petition Against European Airlines for Maltreating African Travelers

The long history of exploitation and maltreatment of African people by European airlines can no longer be ignored.. The petition is a rallying call for an end to such maltreatment which is obvious to any one who travels to and from Africa with any European airline.....

Responses from Regional and World organizations to the Petition Against European Airlines

For the responses to the Petition from European Union, Organization of American States, US Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Department, and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Response to Senator Ted Cruz's absurd Common about Nigerians.

Senatos Ted Cruz's comment, "You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately. They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website," was quite unfortunate. Hense, this letter to him.

Response to Judge Marilyn Milian's unsettling comments about Nigerians

There are good, law-abiding Nigerians in the continent of Africa, and good Nigerians in the United States of America, obeying the laws of the land, fulfilling their civic responsibilities and participating in the electoral process. Any expression to the contrary is an insult to Nigerians and Nigeria.......

Leaders are readers!

Liberating the African mind

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -- President Mandela

To All Nigerian Presidential Candidates

To: Goodluck E. Jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari, Tunde Anifowose-Kelani, Rafiu Salau, Ganiyu O. Galadima, Mani I. Ahmad, Ayeni M. Adebayo, Sam Eke, Ambrose N. A. Owuru, Comfort O. Sonaiya, Martin Onovo, Allagoa K. Chinedu, Godson M. O. Okoye, and Chekwas Okorie on practical solutions to Nigerian crises....

Umez Interviewed by The Nation newspaper on How Nigeria can Overcome its Crises

An interview with Ibrahim Apekhade Yusuf on the socio-economic crises bedeviling the nation. In this interview, Umez proffers some lasting suggestions for the growth and the development of Nigeria....

A Letter to President Bill Clinton as he prepared his August visit to Nigeria in the year, 2000

This letter was written to President Clinton, August 1, 2000, before his visit to Nigeria. Acknwoledgement was received from the White Hosuse before the visit. Gladly, Mr. President touched on most of the issues raised in the letter 

Nigerian Crisis: Whose Fault?

It is obvious to any objective thinker that the oil rich Nigeria is falling apart – and falling rapidly and shamefully. In fact, events on the ground clearly demonstrate that we have no other choice – we must confront our crises without ethnic or religious prejudice if we are serious about finding real solutions.

Is Democracy the Answer?

Democratic government is good if and only if the leaders are patriotic, and democratic at heart......

President Clinton advises Nigerian Leaders

Great leaders seek wise counsel. Clinton advises Nigerians...

President Obama speaks to African Leaders

Effective leaders are great teachers. African leaders must learn from great presidents as Pres. Obama.....

Leadership is Parenthood

When leaders do not understand that they are the parents of their own people, their country will fail, and their people suffer tremendously.

"Educated" to Feel Inferior: Tragedy of Low-self-Esteem

One who considers himself inferior is finished.......

What is "African Time?"

African time is selective punctuality rooted in the feeling of inferiority complex.....

Leadership is Action, not a Position 

Leadership is action, not a position. That is the case and the understanding in all the countries we call developed.......... 

Humanitarian Work 

Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”  – President Nelson Mandela

The Miracle of Mrs. Igwilo

Together, we accomplish a lot .......

Umez Scholarships

Giving back to the Community.....

Umez Honored 

for Advocacy and Humanitarian works...... 

Award from ONN USA, etc

Giving back to the community......

Job Openings in Houston, Texas

Looking for a Job in Houston, Texas? Search (Jobs I - Jobs VI below) and apply without leaving your house. Job Listings are automatically updated; so, visit this webiste as often as you can. [NOTE that Umez Foundation is not responsible for any of the openings and does not work for any of the companies; as such, it cannot be held responsible for anything. Contact the companies directly.] Good luck, and God's blessings!

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"The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."

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